Dolphin Box Commissioning Gift


Many Submarines have a display case onboard to display the submarine dolphins that each crew member will earn when they qualify in submarines. The crew of the Washington has adopted a ship’s crest with a Northwest Indian Motif. It has also taken to calling itself the blackfish after the indigenous Orca Whales. In order to establish a connection with the Northwest Natives of the Salish Sea, the Commissioning Committee solicited the design and construction of a presentation case crafted by master carver Samuel L White of the Lower Elwa S’Kallam Tribe located on the Strait of Juan De Fuca in the entrance to Puget Sound. The Orca whale is the Totem for the S’Kallum Tribe.

Included in the design is a Northwest Native rendition of the Submarine Dolphins. The design illustrates the story of a legendary hunter of the deep, Natsilane and alludes to the submarine’s mission of Anti Submarine Warfare.

The Presentation Case is made of native Western Red Cedar with a Yellow Cedar carved inlay traditional carving woods.