Blackfish stout to be served at the Commissioning

Scuttlebutt Brewing Company has brewed a Stout to honor the USS Washington, SSN 787 Commissioning. A beer as black as the depths in which it will operate, complex in structure and resolute in purpose, strong, proud and brave like those who will serve aboard her. NW 2row, Victory Malt, Rolled Oats and Roasted Barley make up the malt bill. Nugget and Cascade Hops provide support. 7.87 abv and 39 IBUs.

The "Blackfish" or Killer Whale is the apex predator of the sea. It's stealthy, silent until action is required, stalking its prey until an attack is unleashed. Nothing escapes its fury and it accomplishes its goals with brutal efficiency. When the Virginia Class, fast attack sub, SSN 787 was named USS Washington there was no doubt on what its role would be. To keep our nation safe by reigning as an apex predator, the most technologically advanced submarine ever built.