PCU Washington Captain's Log: July 20, 2017

PCU Washington recently pulled into our future homeport of Norfolk just prior to the fourth of July for the first time after completing post-delivery acoustic trials at the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC). We are currently in Port Canaveral, FL loading exercise weapons and conducting the inport phase of our Weapons System Accuracy Testing (WSAT). The second phase of this testing will occur in the near future, again at the AUTEC range with WSH launching 6 exercise torpedos at both surfaced and submerged targets. Future events include our first Operational Reactor Safeguards exam in September, followed by our Commissioning at Norfolk Naval Station on October 7th.

Crew energy has been high during our newfound time at sea. Being underway has allowed over 20 of our sailors to finish their final qualifications and earn their enlisted dolphins since the ship was delivered in May. The upcoming range time and our first ever employment of exercise weapons also makes this an exciting time to be onboard Washington.

Gabriel B Cavazos Commanding Officer