Bremerton Navy League Adopts PCU Washington

On May 2, 2016 Byron and Pat Faber of the Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula
Council of Navy League, representing the Washington NL councils, met with CDR Jason Schneider, CO of the USS Washington (787), LCDR Brian Rhoades XO, and the crew at a conference room at the shipyard where the boat is well along in stage of construction. PCU Washington was formally adopted by the Bremerton Navy League Council. The articles of adoption were read to the crew.

Their Sailor of the Year, STS1 Maynard was presented with the eagle statue from our Council by Dr. Faber. STS1 Maynard is the go-to guy for many tasks on the boat. He often volunteers for extra duties and they always know that whatever it is, it will be well done. He expressed great pleasure at receiving this award from Navy League.

Byron then addressed the crew regarding what it means for our Councils to adopt them and how proud we are for the association. With less than 1% of Americans serving in the armed forces, they are already in the status of elite warriors. We mentioned our sincere desire for them to be able to make a port call at Bremerton on their way to their future home port at Pearl Harbor. We assured them of a warm welcome!

That evening the Fabers had dinner with the Schneiders (Jason and Bonnie) and the Rhoades (Brian and Cortney) at one of Newport's fine restaurants. These are delightful people and a great association for our Councils.