Governor Becomes Honorary Co-Chairman of the Commissioning Committee

Assistant Secretary of the Navy Dennis McGinn, Governor Jay Inslee, Rdml Jeffery Ruth, and Mr Ralph Munro display the state flag presented to the USS Washington (SSN-787)

"Thank you for the invitation to serve as an honorary co-chair for the USS Washington Commissioning Committee.  The newest USS Washington will honor the key role that the U.S. Armed Forces play in the lives of all Washingtonians. We can think of no better way to aid in this calling than for the state named after our first president to be represented at home and abroad by a state-of-the-art Virginia Class submarine entrusted to the outstanding Sailors of the U.S. Navy."

"I support the efforts of the commissioning committee and accept your invitation to serve as an honorary co-chair."

In honor of the occasion Governor Inslee presented the Navy a state flag and a watercolor painting of Mount Rainier. "We recognize there are not portholes on submarines but while underway we hope in the few moments available for reflection sailors will see Mount Rainier and think of Washington."

The Honorable Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment accepted the painting at the Navy Day ceremonies in Olympia.