The USS Washington Commissioning Committee was formed from volunteers from all over the state and is led by the Navy League of the United States, Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council, to help honor Washington's newest namesake ship.  The commissioning ceremony places a ship into active service and is celebrated to honor the ship, and the men and women onboard, as it begins its history.  The ceremony and events that surround it are rooted in centuries-old Naval tradition.  


RMDL Mike Sharp, USN (Ret)

Executive Steering Committee

CAPT Bob Aronson, USN (Ret)
CAPT Alan Beam, USN (Ret)
CAPT Kathy DiMaggio, USN (Ret)
CAPT Jerry Logan, USN (Ret)
CAPT Larry Salter, USN (Ret)                                 

Committee Members

Maryellen Baldwin
RADM Chuck Beers, USN (Ret)
Richard R. Brandon
RADM Herb Bridge, USNR (Ret)
LCDR Rich Chwaszczewski, USNR (Ret)
Jeff Davis
Brian DiMaggio
Marjorie James
Steve Keith
Sharon Kultti
Lisa Phillips
Roy Rasmussen
Tina Salter                                                     CAPT Steven Westover, USN (Ret)

Ship's Sponsor

Ms. Elisabeth Mabus

Honorary Co-Chair

Governor Jay Inslee
State of Washington

Senator Patty Murray

Senator Maria Cantwell

Representative Derek Kilmer
Washington State's 6th District

Norm Dicks
Washington State's 6th District, 1977 to 2013

Admiral Thomas B. Hayward, USN (Ret)
21st Chief of Naval Operations

Honorable Kim Wyman
Secretary of State of Washington

Senator Tim Sheldon
Washington State's 35th District

Senator Barbara Bailey
Washington State's 10th District

Senator Jan Angel
Washington State's 26th District

Senator Bruce Dammeier
Washington State's 25th District

Representative Drew MacEwen
Washington State's 35th District

Mayor Patty Lent
Bremerton, WA

Ralph Munro
13th Secretary of State of Washington

The Commissioning Committee pays for items the Navy cannot.