Boat’s Sponsor Luncheon

Provides an opportunity to honor the Boat’s Sponsor, Ms. Elisabeth Mabus. As the tradition states, her spirit and presence will guide the boat throughout its service. Special gifts are presented to the Sponsor and to the boat, represented by the Prospective Commanding Officer.

VIP Tour of SSN 787

The Prospective Committee hosts a select group of VIPs for an exclusive tour of the ship.


Chairman’s Reception

This event is a tradition that offers guests from the military, business, and political communities, along with family and friends, the opportunity to toast the impending commissioning. The Prospective Commanding Officer and selected guests have an opportunity to thank all those involved. Special guests invited: Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, former cabinet members, and the Boat’s Sponsor.


VIP Breakfast

This gathering enables platform guests and other VIPs to be briefed on what to expect during the commissioning ceremony and post-commissioning events. Upon completion, they are transported to the pier for seating.


Commissioning Ceremony

Scheduled for Summer 2017, the commissioning ceremony is one of the most important traditional ceremonial milestones in the life of the ship, for it represents the acceptance of the ship by the United States Navy and her entry into the active fleet.  The Ceremony is an official United States Navy.

The ceremony will occur at Norfolk Naval Station, Norfolk, Virginia to provide a wider range of Americans with an opportunity to join in celebrating the success of their investments and to foster support and understanding for the Armed Services. 


Post-Commissioning Reception

Following the official commissioning ceremony, guests are routed to the commissioning tent where refreshments, photo opportunities, and overall good will prevail. An event like this culminates Navy tradition, the official transfer of a warship from the ship builder to the United States Navy. Guests that attend will become part of history.